Product Name: High power two way radio CH-Q7
Product Category: Handheld Transceivers
Product Features:
professional radio、Dual identity channel radio、Dual-Display,Dual-Standby、High power, VHF9W, UHF8W、Multi-scan function

Product Description

Model CH-Q7
Rated voltage: 7.6V DC
Channel spacing: 2.5/5/6.25/10/12.5/25kHz
Antenna impedance: 50Ω
Dimensions: 115 x 62 x 40mm (except antenna)
Frequency: 136-174MHz or 400-480MHz
Quiet talk and digital quiet talk
Output power optional: 7W/4W/1W
Battery type:Polymer li-ion
Battery Capacity:2500mAH With Flashlight function
Current: 7W,≤1.8A, 4W,≤1.35A, 1W,≤0.7A,
Modulation sensitivity: 12mV (frequency offset: 2.2 to 3.6kHz)
Modulation deviation: ≤2% (1Khz)
Modulation frequency deviation: ≤5kHz
CTCSS frequency deviation: 0.75kHz ±50Hz
Remnant radiation: ≤7μW
Modulation mode: 16K∮F3E
Remnant modulation: ≤-35dB
RF sensitivity: ≤0.25μV
Silent sensitivity: ≤0.25μV
Audio frequency power: 500mW
Audio distortion: ≤2%
Modulation receiver bandwidth: ≥2 x 5kHz
Spurious rejection: ≥55dB
Selectivity: ≥65dB
Intermediation: ≥60dB
Blocking: ≥85dB


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